About Us

The work of this ministry was established in November of 1999 by the teachings and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ through Pastor E. Todd Stubblefield to men and women who were incarcerated. Even though the Prison Ministry was the first area of manifestation for this body of Zion; it was not the sole purpose of the mission or the vision that was placed on the pastor’s heart by God.

This vision of this ministry is to continue in the true and divine work of Jesus Christ in building His Church (the children of God, not a physical building) which He speaks of in Matthew 16:18&19. Jesus said, “…and on this rock (faith) I wsill build My church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. (19) And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven…” In accordance with this vision, the church doors of In His Glory Christian Ministries (IHGCM) were opened on February 18, 2001. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of Pastor Stubblefield, the church was able to share its vision to hundreds of men, women and children for five years at Mt. Vernon Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.

The growth of the membership went from five to over 120 members on the roster with about 85 or more members actively participating on any given Sunday. Leadership has grown from three leaders to 20 men and women laboring together in God’s vineyard.

When the time came to relocate IHGCM house of worship, the council went about researching areas and properties that would allow the ministry to stay within the immediate community in which it was called to labor (city of Alexandria). After a few hiccups and mishaps, we were led to the property of 5412 Eisenhower Ave in Alex, Va.in January of 2005, and by the grace of God this became IHGCM’s new house of worship. With renovations undergoing and a few challenges, the ministry began holding Intercessory Prayer on Wednesday nights in the building. In August of 2006, although the work wasn’t completely done, we held our first Morning Worship Service and in November of 2006 the church received its occupancy certificate.

Since the official opening we have undergone a few cosmetic changes with the newest additions being the stage and carpet. We are so grateful for God’s mercy, God’s favor and His loving kindness. He has brought us from a mighty long way and with that, we have much to celebrate!